The Dashboard


Day-to-day business operations can place considerable demands on an entrepreneur’s time and energy, particularly when he or she works alone or in a small team. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to take a step back and review current business performance and consider the factors that will determine future business performance.


But just like doctors perform checkups on patients to monitor their health, entrepreneurs need to learn to take the time to read their company’s vital signs through a business health check – revenue, profitability and cash flow – to make sure it gets a clean bill of health and to improve the chances of preventing future problems.

The Process

Discover your blind spots, inefficiencies and limitations by going through these steps.

  1. Online Assessment
  2. Business Health Check Report
  3. Dashboard Development
  4. Consultation


KPI Library

This library should be a great starting point but you will need to customise some of the KPIs to make the relevant to your needs and you will require additional KPIs (such as specific industry benchmarks), that you won’t find in any generic metrics library.


The key is to start with YOUR information needs and not to rely too heavily on generic KPIs.


You should always be aware of the good news but also of the bad news. Whether you’ve reached your sales targets, spent 100% of your monthly budget earlier than expected, you need to be alerted immediately.