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CTO as a Service

Whether you are nurturing the idea of a startup, or you want to scale an existing business. Our CTO as a Service can help you finding an optimal balance between skills and leveraging a multi-disciplinary technical team.


Top-level virtual CTO services delivered flexibly

We help startups and growing SMEs achieve technical diligence through flexible CTO as a Service engagement models. Whether you require an unbiased consultation about your solution, want to fill in the technological leadership gap, or seek ongoing support from an ace virtual CTO — we do it all while staying responsive to your needs.

Reduced operational risks

With a reliable strategy covering risk prevention and mitigation procedures, you can be confident about delivering a quality product even on a tight schedule

Optimized development costs

A thought-out strategy, a scalable architecture, and robust technology leadership save project budgets, making our CTO as a Service offering an investment with fast ROI.

Possibilities for rapid business growth

With business and technical issues clarified by an experienced virtual CTO, you could pave the way for faster product evolution and expansion

Satisfied investors and executives

With long-term financial planning and a clear vision of your product’s growth, you can be sure about getting support from investors and executives

CTO as a Service:
what we can help you with?

A CTO as a service vendor with a decade of experience guiding complex, innovative projects, we’ll apply our skills to help you achieve technical excellence. No matter the challenge — be it leading your R&D team, allocating resources and budget, or collaborating with stakeholders across the executive board — we’ll make sure your business goals and the development process go hand in hand.

Technology Leadership

CTO advisory services for Technology Consulting, Strategy, and Governance– aligned with your business goals. Develop, monitor, recommend IT budget allocation, and frame KPIs to assess technological performance and ROI.

IT Project Delivery & Management

Deploy, manage, and lead any kind of technology project through CTO advisory services that facilitate project development, implementation, and integration along with access to an on-demand resource pool.

Neutral Vendor/Software Analysis

Requirement analysis, proposal evaluation, contract negotiation strategies, selection of the best-fit tools to establish a future-ready IT ecosystem with special kick-off plans under CTO as a service for startups.

Technology Integration

CTO advisory services for integrating technology into the company IT framework, projects, and processes for a zero-downtime, seamless information flow and anytime anywhere access.

Technology Analysis

CTO consulting enables deep IT audit for devising technology roadmap. CTO advisory services that provide IT assessment, evaluation, and technology selection to reduce software bloat, gain resiliency, and mitigate risks.

Solutions Determinations

CTO as a service for startups, small, mid-size, and large businesses to help them in finalizing the decisions based on the latest technology, standards, and compliance regulations with a focus on cost-efficiency.

Technology Roadmap

CTO advisory services to plan, maintain, optimize and track deployments, timelines, and project lifecycles. Defining KPI and performance checks for the technology set-up for maximum value on investment.

Cloud Strategy

CTO as service to formulate strategies for Cloud Selection and Migration to optimize crucial business processes. Rapid and minimal risk adoption blueprint for single or multi-tenant cloud infrastructure.

Business Continuity

CTO consulting for disaster recovery and security planning for business-critical data. CTO as a service for startups and small, mid or large firms to frame BCP and contingency plans.

Tap in our versatile
technology expertise

Artificial Intelligence

We will help you prepare data for AI algorithms, design and train reliable AI models, and integrate them into your software product

Data management

We will help you set up an end-to-end enterprise data ecosystem providing a 360-view into your company’s operations

Data science

We will help you transform diverse data extracted from disparate resources into actionable, clearly visualized insights

Intelligent automation

We will help you set up a flexible digital workforce or enhance your product with intelligent process automation features

Cloud Consulting

We will help you harness the power of the cloud, design and implement a cloud migration plan, and configure and optimize the cloud infrastructure


We will help you get the software development process that simplifies and speeds up software delivery through joint team effort and modern tech tools

CTO as a Service Models
that fit your needs

Fractional CTO

For technology leaders who require an experienced partner with complementary skills – we provide options, being it advisory, execution or mentoring

Part Time CTO

If you’re not ready or able to hire a permanent, full-time CTO, we can immediately provide the right person, for the right amount of time, for as long as you need – and no more

CTO as needed

This option is suitable for projectized companies. The CTO focuses on specific duties and processes. Specialists in the category are employed to troubleshoot technical areas or perform an audit.

What makes Intigent a reliable CTO as a Service vendor?

We are experienced

We’ve got 15 years of experience delivering innovative software solutions and guiding complex development projects in healthcare, education, retail, and other industries

We are innovative.

We know modern tech inside and out and continuously monitor the tech market trends to help our clients gain a competitive edge with disruptive technology

We are visionary

We don’t only implement technology, although that’s what we competently do, but help you shape your company’s vision and translate it into an actionable technology strategy

Turn our technology leadership to your project’s advantage with our CTO as a Service offering