Featured KPI's

Staff Breakdown

Measure the gender diversity in your company

This HR metric is not often used and remains a bit of a taboo in many companies.


Measuring the ratio of female to male workers, especially in top-management positions, can tell a lot about a company.

Absenteeism Rate

Evaluate the engagement of your employees

This HR metric measures the average absenteeism rate as a percentage of the total working days among all employees.


It is a highly important HR KPI as it illustrates the employee’s motivation and engagement in his work and more generally in the company.

Training Costs

The best investment is in your employees

Here is a Human Resources KPI example used when you want to measure how much you have invested onboarding new hires and upgrading one’s education.


It is a helpful metric to track employees’ development costs, and make smarter decisions when it comes to developing their skills set after they have been hired.

Cost Per Hire

Evaluate what it takes to find the perfect fit

Here we have a pretty straightforward HR KPI, that measures the amount of resources you invest for each new employee you need.


It covers all the costs from recruiting (advertisement/marketing, referral incentives, time cost of recruiter reviewing and selecting CVs, then conducting interviews) to training (time cost of manager/instructor, materials, and time cost of a new employee).

Attrition Rate

Staff happiness is measurable

Helps a company figure out how successful they are at retaining talent. Determined by dividing the number of employees who left the company in a given period by the average number of employees in that time period.

Health Care Expense

Analyze the investments in your employees

Provides an understanding of the comprehensiveness of a company’s health care plan. Can be determined by taking the total price of health care costs divided by all employees.

Internal Vs. External Hires

Effective when looking at organizational succession planning

This ratio measures how many people already working at a company are considered for internal promotion versus the number of externally attracted people.

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