Business Health Consultation & KPI Planning

We help you understand where your business is at – and create KPI(key performance indicator) Strategies to move it forward.

Business consultation and business planning sessions are for business owners or leaders who want to know more about their Business Health Check results, help with their KPI Plan, or for anyone looking to trial our services before making a longer commitment.

Either way, we’re always happy to help another small to medium sized business.

How This Works

This consultation is completed after your Business Health Check assessment and builds on the scores and ratings in your Report. We’ll get to know your business and challenges better, and then provide advice and guidance to help you resolve your issues, or take advantage of your opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What outcomes will I get from my investment in a Strategic Plan?

Clarity and confidence, in the simplest terms.

You will be clear on what you need to do, to strategically drive all of your business forward, because we use our Nine Pillars Strategic Framework to ensure that all of your material business risks and opportunities are considered and prioritised. You will also be clear on what you can leave, because you can’t do everything at once.

You will also be confident that you can do what you need to do to make your business more successful, because we will challenge you to focus on the practical issues, and also suggest solutions that we know work.

What's the difference between a Business Plan and a KPI Plan?

In simple terms, a “business plan” shows what a business will do to become commercially feasible, eg how it will make money – that’s why lenders and investors often ask start up businesses for them, before committing funding.

For that reason, Business Plans have to include a lot of “tactical” information, eg around detailed pricing, specific business processes, individual risks, etc.

Once a business is up and running, Business Plans tend to be filed away, and business owners and leaders focus mostly on “working in” the business. Which is where Strategic Plans come in – they are the best tools to help business owners and leaders elevate their thinking back to the strategic level, from time to time.

For that reason, Strategic Plans should deliberately ignore most tactical issues, and focus on the actions that will strategically drive and improve business tactics, from the top down.

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